Vehicle Wraps

If you are looking to create a far-reaching ad campaign that runs as long as your company vehicles do without paying exorbitant prices for radio or television ads, ORYX Signs & Print vehicle Wrap Company may be the perfect choice for you. Company vehicle wraps make the most of the time that you and/or your employees spend driving by carrying your company name, logo, offers, and slogans anywhere that your fleet travels.

ORYX Signs & Print’ Wide Selection of Truck Vehicle Wraps

At ORYX Signs & Print, we always tell our customers “If you can drive it, we can wrap it.” From cars to vans to buses to boats, virtually no vehicle is too big, small or detailed for our car and custom truck vehicle wraps to accommodate. Among the wide variety of car, trailer vehicle wraps we offer are included:

  • Matte Black Wrap – Matte black wraps for cars are a popular selection due to their stark, sleek appearance and their lack of content-obscuring, shine related glare.
  • Sprinter Van Wrap – Sprinter vans naturally attract attention due to their unusually tall shape, and provide extra space along the top for slogans, specials or phone numbers.
  • Bus Wrap – Buses tend to attract attention even when unadorned with ads due to their size. Transform a bus into a travelling billboard with a perfectly fitted bus wrap that gives other drivers something to take in while examining the exterior of your exceptionally large vehicle.
  • Fleet Vehicle Graphics – If your business is already in possession of a fleet of vehicles, you can easily turn them into a lucrative ad campaign with creative promotional vinyl wraps for vans or cars.
  • Car Wraps and Graphics – While cars afford less space for advertising than your average van or truck, they can still attract attention in the midst of less visually interesting, solid-colored cars.
  • Vehicle Window Wrap Signs – Vehicle doors are a great place to plant a vinyl wrap ad in your city. Drivers are naturally inclined to glance at other drivers on the road, and it’s a simple step to take to place an interesting ad just beneath the driver’s side window to draw the eye down from there.à

ORYX Signs & Print vehicle wraps Company

City, streets and rural pit stops are perfect places to get your ad seen, by everyone from pedestrians to bikers to bored kids in the back seat, and by other drivers as well. For full-color vehicle wraps printed in high resolution on weatherproof 3M vinyl decal, call ORYX Signs & Print at 780-243-1525 today. We design, manufacture and install vehicle wraps guaranteed to get you noticed by more customers than ever before.