Log Books & Vehicle Inspections

Help reduce your risk of errors and DOT hours of service violations with our simple-to-complete and easy-to-read driver log books. Personalize your truck logbook with company name and address to save drivers time. Or, rely on our simple, flexible, affordable e-logs.

Plus, find the inspection reports you need in our huge selection, including annual vehicle inspection reports (AVIR), driver’s vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), Canadian reports and more.

Our offer includes:

  • Driver’s Daily Log Books
  • Vehicle Inspection Report Books
  • Driver’s Daily Log Sheets with 3 hole punch
  • Combined Driver Daily Log and Vehicle Inspection
  • DDL Books Printed with Schedule on the back
  • Carbonless (NCR) paper used as standard offer
  • Customized Driver’s Daily Log + Inspection
  • Daily Logs for Trucks
  • Daily Logs for Buses
  • Trailer Inspection Sheets
  • Provincial Driver’s Daily Log Books + Inspection
  • Federal Driver’s Daily Log Books + Inspection