Plastic Signs

Corrugated plastic signs provide an inexpensive option for high quality, temporary and indoor ad campaigns. As a more effective alternative to flimsy poster board and card stock, corrugated plastic shows off your custom-designed advertisement to its best advantage.

  • Outdoor Rigid Plastic Sign For Property
  • Plastic Sign For Commercial Advertisement
  • Rigid Plastic Loan Signs
  • Corrugated Plastic Sign For RIDGE
  • Directional Hanging Plastic Sign
  • Exterior Plastic Sign For House Sale
  • Plastic Yard Sign For Leasing Company
  • Custom Shape Plastic Signs
  • Wall Mounted Plastic Sign

Grab Attention at Your Next Big NY Event with Corrugated Plastic Signs

At trade shows and special events – especially those that take place indoors – your business needs a way to easily attract the gaze of hundreds of potential customers while impressing them with your professionalism and style. Corrugated plastic signs are an easy way to do this. This type of sign is:

  • Sturdy – Unlike poster board or card stock, corrugated plastic is stiff and unbending, which keeps your images, text and designs from being distorted and makes them easy to read at a distance.
  • Reusable – Corrugated plastic is more durable than card stock and, when properly cleaned and stored, can be reused at your next big event or kept in storage without damage.
  • Easy to Transport – Corrugated plastic signs are extremely lightweight and can also be made fold able for easy storage. That makes transport and setup a breeze.
  • Easy to Clean – Your corrugated plastic sign can be easily cleaned by running a cloth along the sign’s subtle horizontal indented lines.

Meanwhile, ORYX Signs & Print   offers endless design options for corrugated plastic signs. We work with our clients to develop signs tailor-made with the event, audience and aesthetic style of your business in mind. Corrugated plastic allows for clear, crisp imagery and text on a scale that can’t be ignored.

Common Uses of Corrugated Plastic Signs

While corrugated plastic signs are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertisement for your business at big events and trade shows, they can also be used as:

  • Menu boards and A-frame signs
  • Informational or directional signs
  • Point of purchase signs
  • Construction site or contractor signs
  • Temporary yard signs or fence signs

When it comes to displaying your sign, there are just as many options. Make your campaign more dynamic by employing any of the following corrugated plastic sign-specific sign display options:

  • Self-supported (using an Easel)
  • Using Velcro or double sided tape
  • Using suction cups
  • Hanging
  • Staking or framing

With corrugated plastic signs, your business or organization has every opportunity to attract the attention it deserves by way of an affordable ad campaign.

At Brooklyn Signs, our design team will help you to optimize your sign or signs and to choose the best visual and physical design for the event and location at which you plan to use it. Call ORYX Signs & Print   today at 780-243-1525 to promote your business. Our standard turnaround time for corrugated plastic signs is 24 hours, and we’re happy to talk to you about time frame as needed. Call us now to learn more.