Channel Letters

Channel letters are an effective way to show off your business name or product, and brand your business in and around North America. Illuminated channel letter signs offer all the night-time visibility of neon while also providing a wider range of options than neon in terms of visual effects. At ORYX Signs & Print , you can obtain personalized channel letters.

Illuminated Dimensional Letter Sign Options

When it comes to lighting your store front at night, you want your choice of ORYX Signs & Print  to be as unique as possible. For this reason, many of our customers choose illuminated channel letters to advertise their businesses. Channel letters can be designed and lit in a variety of different eye-catching ways, including:

  • Face-lit – With face lit channel letters, the lights are placed within the letters themselves, causing them to glow without the bulbs being visible. This sign option is highly visible, even from a distance, and can be used to cast an attractive or colorful glow over your store front during the night hours.
  • Back-lit – Back lit channel letters are letters that are silhouetted by lighting directly behind them, so that the letters appear to be etched in darkness and surrounded by light. This moody and artistic option is visually unexpected, and useful in catching the attention of passers-by.
  • Open-face – Open face channel letters, like back lit channel letters, have the benefit of being visually unexpected and therefore interesting to look at. The neon lights that give these letters definition are unshielded from view, making them slightly brighter than the average channel letter.
  • LED-line – Channel letters lined with LED lights serve the dual purpose of conserving energy better than the average night-lit sign, and being exceptionally bright.
  • Reverse-lit/Halo Effect letters – Reverse lit channel letters, also known as halo effect channel letters, are very popular throughout Canada  due to their 3D illuminated letter appearance. They are very bright, although slightly less visible than front lit letters, but they help create an ambiance that is very popular with bars, clubs, and professional services.

Depending on the ambiance and mood you wish to create via your illuminated channel letters, our ORYX Signs & Print Sign artisans can provide guidance in selecting and designing the illuminated sign best suited to your needs.

Choosing ORYX Signs & Print for Channel Letters

When you choose ORYX Signs & Print  as your channel letter manufacturer, you are ensuring that your channel letter sign will be created with the quality materials and level of workmanship that you would expect from a signage company with more than a decade of sign design and manufacturing experience. Call our licensed and insured sign company today at (780) 243-1525 to light up your store front with a customized channel letter sign that your potential customers will see and remember.