Metal and Plastic Signs

Make your business name “pop” with metal and plastic dimensional letters from ORYX Signs & Print. This striking signage style makes an eye-catching addition to any store front, creating a favourable  contrast against the more conventional 2-dimensional signs used by many businesses. Browse our selection to see why these signs are so highly coveted by business owners.

Choose From Our Wide Selection of Sign Lettering Materials

  • Brushed Aluminum – Brushed aluminum catches the light and resists wear even in the worst of weather conditions.
  • Copper Finish – Copper, a “warm”-hued metal, imparts a familiar, almost nostalgic air to your sign, while also conveying modernity via its metallic shine and industrially constructed appearance.
  • Plastic – Plastic can be shaped, molded, colored and textured in a multitude of ways, providing you with numerous letter design options.
  • Thermoformed wood – Thermoformed wood is semi-natural in appearance and can be shaped in dramatic ways.
  • Chrome – Chrome plating on plastic or metal makes your letters shine brightly, as though made of silver.

Each material has its own unique connotation and flexibility of design. When our customers bring us their ideas for dimensional lettered signs, our design teams can tell them which materials and manufacturing techniques will be the most suitable for achieving their desired look.

When you work with ORYX Signs & Print, you are guaranteed to receive well-crafted signage made from high-grade materials that both looks and lasts the way you want it to. Call us at (780) 243-1525 to start advertising via metal signs as soon and as affordable as possible.