Pylon Signs

Pylon signs can be designed and fabricated to compliment your business and sign identity. These pole signs can include electronic message boards, channel letters, architectural accents, light boxes or cabinet signs, and can be installed at any height or location.

Effective and visible signage from roadways is the first step in getting your potential clients to notice you.

What are Pole and Pylon Signs?

Pole and Pylon signs are everywhere – both outdoors and indoors – and are typically seen at shopping malls, car dealerships and sports stadiums. Pole and pylon signs are appropriate any place where you want to be highly visible, or foot and automotive traffic needs to be directed where to go with simple, obvious signs.

Commonly called road-side, highway and freeway signs, or small billboards, a Pole or Pylon sign is a tall, freestanding sign with a visible support structure, which may or may not be enclosed by a pole cover. They are mounted onto 1 or 2 poles, usually illuminated, and advertise the name of businesses. In most cases, they are installed on the business property, but not attached to any building or other structure.

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